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There's a Change in the Air
Can you feel it?


The warmer days, have turned into cooler morning with plants covered in dew. There is a nip in the morning that speaks of fall. We have already had the fire place on first thing, making it cozy for our morning coffee.

Fall is knocking on our front door. I change my attire several times a day. The long pants and sweat shirts are on first thing in the morning as Chace and I greet the day in the backyard. As the sun warms up afternoon gardening is quite warm. After dinner dog walks are accompanied by socks and a long sleeve jacket. Instead of a cool drink I am now looking for a cup of tea.

With the cooler weather the oven is in use. Big pots of garden soup takes over the stove top, making sure to squirrel some away in the freezer for a healthy hot lunch.

The harvest is almost complete. The garden beds are getting tended to and dressed for winter. My fall planting is done. We are busy cleaning and weather proofing the house and making it all cozy for the winter.

With fall I also feel a restlessness. I can’t quite figure out why? What am I searching for?

I look around and think perhaps I should be working on something grand. But what?

I feel a need to get out and socialize, but also am quite comfortable just staying home. What’s going on? Is this part of growing older.?

Sleepless nights and afternoon naps occupy my time. Until I figure it out, I’ll just grab a good book and head off to bed with my dog. Maybe that is all that I really need.

Last Updated on: 2024-04-18