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Our Grand Adventure
Visiting the Grand Canyon


For more years then I can remember I have dreamed of visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona USA.

Finally in October 2023, we were able to make it happen. And it did not disappoint.

It started with a whole bunch of travel plans. Once we had a dog sitter in place, we were good to go.
WestJet safely got us to and from Phoenix Arizona, with nor a hiccup. One of the first things we did was drive up to Sedona to see the lovely red rocks and experience some good energy. Sedona is known as being a hot spot for several energy vortexes. I’m not sure if It was the energy, the heat or the altitude, but my eyes were wide open, trying to absorb everything around me.

The next day was the Grand Adventure day. As we drove north of Phoenix, the excitement building, we could see the terrain changing. At one point it reminded me of northern Ontario and the Boreal Forest.

We stopped at Flagstaff for an early lunch. Finally we were at the front entrance to the Grand Canyon Park. Wow – this is it. We inched our way through the gate, drove around until we made our way to a mid-point parking lot and then parked.

I couldn’t get out of the van quick enough. And then it first view of the Grand Canyon. Boy, oh boy, was it ever grand. I just stood there, goosebumps on my arms, eyes wide open and I could not speak. I was in awe! I had arrived.

Spectacular, amazing, grand, colourful, inspiring, stunning...I don’t have enough adjectives to describe the feeling. Part of my mission was to take some photos that I could then use for inspiration for future paintings. I could not snap photos quick enough, as the scenery was ever changing as the clouds moved forth and re-directed the shadows.

It will be fun to revisit this place in my studio during the cold days of winter.

Last Updated on: 2024-04-18