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Blue Jeans & Rubber Boots

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Susan with Chace in the garden

Here, I will talk about topics I am passionate about: art, painting, mini Aussies, gardening, baking (everyone loves my muffins), and the musings of a creative life.

I hope you find these talks informative, educational, and entertaining.

How do you Label yourself as an Artist?

2023-05-22 Last Updated on: 2024-04-17

I recently watched an interview of a friend and fellow artist that I admire. I noticed that he referred to himself as a ‘Practicing Artist.” I asked him why he didn’t use the term International or professional artist? As someone who has worked in the trade for many years and often has a sell-out opening night, I would call him a professional artist.

His answer was “I was never really...

Do you have a vision board?
Manifesting your Vision

2023-03-14 Last Updated on: 2024-04-25

I had never heard of a vision board until I took a class with Ruth Payne at Hollyhock on lovely Quadra Island BC. The class I was taking was called the business of art.

One of the assignments was to make a vision board. Ruth dropped some magazines on the floor and we were to take images that we liked, use text, whatever and create a vision board. The question was where would we like to see our...

The Printing Bizz

2023-02-27 Last Updated on: 2024-04-25

Did you know that I was the first female ever in Canada to be trained on a Heidelberg Printing Press?

In the late 80’s I was living in Toronto. I owned and operated an Arts company. We designed and printed marketing material for artists; gallery invitations, posters, business and rack name it we could make it.

I wanted to become versed in every aspect of the print industry. I...

2023-01-30 Last Updated on: 2024-04-17

I've often been asked why I like working in a series. Here is my not too short answer.

I find that one of the biggest challenges for me, as an artist, is going through my photos and deciding on a subject to paint next. I have often spent hours (not kidding) doing this, only to change my mind the next morning. What a waste of time!! I have several folders on my desktop that say “Things to...

Exposing Yourself
A friend's question

2022-09-01 Last Updated on: 2024-04-25

Are you being exposed or do you expose yourself?

On one of our trips to Mexico, we were invited by our Mexican friend, Alex, to an art show in a neighbouring town. As we piled into his dusty old jeep he told us his friend, and I quote “was exposing himself for the first time.” What!! We all burst out in laughter. Then he asked me “Susan, do you ever expose yourself!” I cheekily...