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Blue Jeans & Rubber Boots

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Susan with Chace in the garden

Here, I will talk about topics I am passionate about: art, painting, mini Aussies, gardening, baking (everyone loves my muffins), and the musings of a creative life.

I hope you find these talks informative, educational, and entertaining.

2023-07-01 Last Updated on: 2024-04-25

This is not original to me, but I think it has value and I wanted to share it with my readers.

I asked a friend who has crossed 70 & is heading towards 80 what sort of changes she is feeling in herself? This was her advise.

After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children and my friends, I have now started loving myself.

I have realized that I am not “Atlas”. The world does not...

2023-03-24 Last Updated on: 2024-04-25

I can’t remember when I took a liking to coffee. It was most likely in my early 20’s when I joined the work force. I was working for the Alberta Government and we would take regular coffee breaks. We had a tiny little break room on the ground level of our downtown offices. There we could grab a coffee and chat with fellow workers. Not much bigger then a supply closet, we would squish in...

2022-07-01 Last Updated on: 2024-04-25

Having lost four significant people in my life lately, I can’t help but reflect on my own life. How have I made a difference? What can I do in the next stage of my life that will make a difference ?

I try to live my life each day, with intent. Sometimes it is difficult when I am always looking ahead, working on the next several editions and applying for art shows that are three years out.