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Cuppa Coffee


I can’t remember when I took a liking to coffee. It was most likely in my early 20’s when I joined the work force. I was working for the Alberta Government and we would take regular coffee breaks. We had a tiny little break room on the ground level of our downtown offices. There we could grab a coffee and chat with fellow workers. Not much bigger then a supply closet, we would squish in and go over the morning events. And just like that, coffee break would be over. Everyone back to work.

On the farm, when neighbours popped by, the first thing mom would do was put the coffee on and out would come the sugar and evaporated milk.

I went through a phase of drinking instant coffee. Now I shudder at the thought!

Coffee has now become a social event for me. I absolutely love having coffee dates with friends. During that time we discuss very important matters; movies we’ve seen, books we’ve read, what’s happening in our garden, and what’s new in the artwork. It’s great entertainment and nurtures our bond of friendship.

Even on an ordinary day when both my husband and I are at home working in our offices, we stop for a coffee break. On warm days we'll sit outside and Chace can watch the goings on in the hood, barking at a few neighbours as they go by. On cooler days we stay indoors, and have a coffee date in either my office or his, just to keep things interesting.

During CoVid lockdown, we had the occasional coffee date with friends. We sat in our garage, with the door open and at a social distance. It was a well needed visit to maintain our sanity.

Then there is the matter of drinking coffee out of a certain type of mug. If anyone is familiar with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books, Reacher always goes to great lengths to secure the perfect cup of coffee. He like to drink coffee out of a perfectly thin cylinder mug, always drinking it black.

Myself I love drinking coffee out of a china mug. That little bit of luxury comes from many visits to my aunt Regina’s. I always thought it was so classy when she'd serve a beverage in a china tea cup or china mug. But then Auntie Reg was a classy lady. One year I went to our local kitchen store and bought myself some lovely Group of Seven china mugs. Don’t ask me why, but the coffee tastes so much better in fine china.

Gotta run now, as it is time for my second cup. Who would like to join me?

Last Updated on: 2024-04-25