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The Power of ART


I often think about how art changes a person’s life. You can buy art to decorate your home, to personalize your space, or to evoke an emotion. Studies show that the region of the brain that experiences emotions is activate when showing a pleasing piece of art. One could conclude that art helps us connect with ourselves.

How has art affected my personal world? Well, it has totally changed my life and turned it upside down in a grand way.

In my early 20’s I never gave it much thought. I took a few night classes on drawing, painting etc. At that time it was something fun to do, after my mundane 9-5 government job. I was engaging a different part of my brain and I looked forward to my weekly evening classes.

I joined a pottery guild, and was awarded the key to the kingdom; the basement of a church where we created and threw mud around. I could go in there anytime, on a quite weekend, often being the only one in there, and play in the mud. Ah, that was bliss!!

When I started my graphic arts business in Toronto, I began working with gallery owners, and artists. My appreciation for art took on a whole new twist. I saw how art was looked at, admired, and shared. I went to art openings, I watched and I listened.

I asked the question, what makes these people buy art? I remember one of my clients created and sold large scale abstracts to corporations in downtown Toronto. Her work was very Jackson Pollock-like. She was painting and selling to support her family and she doing great.

How does art effect our emotional balance and our health?

Myself I sometimes get headaches when the barometric pressure changes. Instead of swallowing a Tylenol and retreating to the couch, I tend to pick up my paint brush. Once I get into the ‘zone’ I notice that ‘hmm, my headache is gone.’

During our covid lock-down my art sales increased. I think it was because people were at home surfing the web and redesigning their personal spaces. They were looking for ways to add colour and positive energy to a gloomy world. Buying art during those uncertain times was one thing that they could control.

For all those who look at and say, “Oh I’m too old, or I can’t even draw a stick figure” my answer to them is hog-wash. Pick up a brush, a pencil, a chunk of clay and start creating. You will find joy, you will release your inner child and you will have some Fun!.

How has art affected your life? I'd love to hear from you.

Last Updated on: 2023-01-17