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Blue Jeans & Rubber Boots

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Susan with Chace in the garden

Here, I will talk about topics I am passionate about: art, painting, mini Aussies, gardening, baking (everyone loves my muffins), and the musings of a creative life.

I hope you find these talks informative, educational, and entertaining.

There's a Change in the Air
Can you feel it?

2023-09-06 Last Updated on: 2024-04-18

The warmer days, have turned into cooler morning with plants covered in dew. There is a nip in the morning that speaks of fall. We have already had the fire place on first thing, making it cozy for our morning coffee.

Fall is knocking on our front door. I change my attire several times a day. The long pants and sweat shirts are on first thing in the morning as Chace and I greet the day in the...

Our Salad Bar
from farm to table

2023-06-07 Last Updated on: 2024-04-17

This morning I was pinching some beautiful healthy greens off our plants and thinking of what a nice and delicious salad we will be having with our evening meal.

Morning conversations over our first coffee of the day are always about ‘what’s for dinner?’ Then there is the back and forth banter about, 'Oh what would like for dinner? I don't know. What would you like?" We go back and forth...

under my finger nails and into my soul

2023-02-13 Last Updated on: 2023-12-27

As this time of year I am chomping at the bit to get out into the yard. Living on the west coast of BC, we are able to go out early and stay playing in the dirt. Several times a day, I go for a walkabout and just look and see. Hmmm, what is coming up, what is budding, and what should I move.

My fingernails are a mess and my back has a perpetual tenderness, but boy oh boy do I love gardening....