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Our Salad Bar
from farm to table


This morning I was pinching some beautiful healthy greens off our plants and thinking of what a nice and delicious salad we will be having with our evening meal.

Morning conversations over our first coffee of the day are always about ‘what’s for dinner?’ Then there is the back and forth banter about, 'Oh what would like for dinner? I don't know. What would you like?" We go back and forth until we come up with a plan. As they say, growing up means having to decide every single day what you are having for dinner.

“Let’s have a salad and with some kinda protein.”

I always think about how fortunate we are to be where we are at this stage of our lives. One thing that really makes me happy and appreciative are the many healthy and organic eats that our garden provides. We are able to eat fresh for almost 10 months of the year. No kidding! If I get a nice fall crop started we can have fresh kale and swiss chard well into December. Then by early spring, I am already replanting the spinach while munching on our winter crop.

Like most days, today’s salad bowl was blessed with swiss chard and beet leaves, plus three types of lettuce, green onions and fresh parsley. No spinach as I used that in our omelette this morning. I dug up a few fresh potatoes as a side dish. The only thing we had to source outside our backyard was some protein. Tonight it was chicken. No big surprise there, as we eat a lot of chicken. Even though I think Chace (our mini aussi) would find it quite enjoyable, I don’t expect to have chicken running free range around our back yard anytime soon, so that comes from a store.

Once the tomatoes start coming in every meal with include some kinda of tomatoe dish. This year I tried planting something new; sweet potatoes and butter squash. We are looking forward to plenty of nourishing soups this fall and winter. I also love sharing our bounty with our neighbours and friends.

Start growing your own salad bar. Even if you are in a small place, you can plant some lettuce greens in a container. There is nothing nicer then going outside your back door and harvesting your bounty.; fresh from garden to table.


Last Updated on: 2024-04-17