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Blue Jeans & Rubber Boots

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Susan with Chace in the garden

Here, I will talk about topics I am passionate about: art, painting, mini Aussies, gardening, baking (everyone loves my muffins), and the musings of a creative life.

I hope you find these talks informative, educational, and entertaining.

2022-09-01 Last Updated on: 2024-04-25

Dear God,
It’s me, the Dog.

Dear God: Is it on purpose that our names are spelled the same, only in reverse?

Dear God: When we get to Heaven, can we sit on your couch? Or will it be the same old story?

Dear God: Why are there cars named after
the jaguar, the cougar, the mustang, and the rabbit, but not ONE named for a Dog? How often do you see a cougar riding around? Would it be so hard to...