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Susan Schaefer, a Canadian artist, is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition of her Canadiana collection. The exhibition will be held at the Bayside Oceanside Resort in Parksville from January 3 to March 30, 2024. It will showcase twenty-one breathtaking paintings representing Canada's diverse geography and natural beauty.

Facilitated by the Oceanside Arts Council, this will be the first solo exhibition at the Bayside Gallery, making it a highly anticipated event for art enthusiasts and collectors. Schaefer's Canadiana collection results from 18 months of dedicated work, covering a distance of 18,000 km and includes all ten provinces and three territories. Each painting in the collection captures the essence and uniqueness of its respective region, offering viewers a visual journey from coast to coast.

Schaefer's passion for painting landscapes is evident in the emotional connection she establishes with her subjects. The Canadiana collection represents a personal and fascinating journey for the artist, who explains, "Each new painting made me feel a stronger connection to my country. This is the most ambitious collection of work I've created to date."

In addition to being an accomplished artist, Susan Schaefer is also the publisher of Island Arts Magazine and an accomplished art instructor. She has actively supported the arts community on Vancouver Island for many years.

The collection reflects her love for Canada and its people: "From coast to coast, each province is unique on its own but tied together with a sense of quiet dignity and kindness, which is truly the Canadian way."

The Canadiana collection debuted on June 28th, 2023, at the Weyburn Arts Gallery in Saskatchewan, where it garnered critical acclaim and captivated audiences with its stunning portrayals of Canadian landscapes. Now, art enthusiasts in Parksville and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to experience this remarkable collection firsthand.

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Last Updated on: 2023-12-29