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Do you have a vision board?
Manifesting your Vision


I had never heard of a vision board until I took a class with Ruth Payne at Hollyhock on lovely Quadra Island BC. The class I was taking was called the business of art.

One of the assignments was to make a vision board. Ruth dropped some magazines on the floor and we were to take images that we liked, use text, whatever and create a vision board. The question was where would we like to see our art career going in the future. A few of us worked well into the evening, ripping and cutting out things from the magazine and pasting them to a chunk of cardboard, creating our new vision for success. At some point the crazy giddiness started.

I found an image of the Louvre in Paris. That was where I wanted to display my artwork, in 5-10 years time. Go big or go home, I thought. Well that vision has not come true for me – yet!

Since then I have always had a vision board. In the movie ‘The Secret’, they talk about manifesting. Now that vision boar has became a part of my life. I have a cork bulletin board that hangs prominently in my office. Every time I raise my head, I can glance over and see it. On my vision board I have notes to myself, images of places to travel, photos of paintings yet to be created, etc. And yes I have the lucky lotto numbers up there as well.

I’ve always been a visual person. When I was living in Sask. I produced a magazine called the Prairie Guide. I would print out the complete signatures and hang them on my walls.

It helped me visualize the layout, and change my pages to make them have a better flow.

Jeff and I are talking about going back to Europe next year. I already have a map of Italy on my vision board with locations in red of where we’d like to travel. If you can visualize it, then you can manifest it.

What’s on your vision board??

Last Updated on: 2024-04-25